The encfsApp icon on the Desktop

After I created a little Automator script to facilitate mounting encfs volumes under Mac before (see here), I did the same for my Ubuntu machine. If works very similar: You drag and drop the encfs encoded folder onto the icon, the script asks for the passwords and mount the encfs volume. Dropping the folder onto the icon a second, it umounts the folder.

Double clicking on the icon, not providing a folder, the script asks you to either type in the path of just drag and drop the folder into the appearing field.

The script needs encfs (sudo apt-get install encfs) and zenity (should be installed in Ubuntu/Debian) to be installed.

Just download the files here, uncompress them, use the Terminal to navigate to the folder, run „sudo ./“ and the Icon should appear on your Desktop, ready to use. You should also find the App with your other programs.