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MacOS: BoxCryptor alternative encfs and

I was using BoxCryptor Classic (the free edition) for well over a year or maybe longer. While it usually does what it is designed for (encrypt a folder und mounting the folder by double clicking) it (the free version) comes with some restriction. For one, it does not encode the file-names. Furthermore, you can only mount one device at a time, actually, you can only manage one device at a time, which is even more annoying. To get rid of these restrictions, you can pay € 34.99 to get the private full version.

Since I’m constantly switching between a Mac and Linux-PCs, I was using encfs on the Linux machines. Encfs supports more than one mounted volume and file-name encryption. Encfs is compatible to BoxCryptor (well, actually its the otherway around), but it is not as comfortable to use. Usually you would have to mount the folder using the commandline. (Although there are some tools that try to facilitate this). Weiterlesen

Hide/unhide hidden files on MacOS helper apps

Since I sometimes need to access hidden files (those starting with a dot) on my mac or via my mac, I wrote these two little helper apps. One hides the hidden files in the Finder, the other unhides them. I put them in my Finder toolbar for easy access.



Download: Hide/

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