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Encfs „GUI“ for Linux


The encfsApp icon on the Desktop

After I created a little Automator script to facilitate mounting encfs volumes under Mac before (see here), I did the same for my Ubuntu machine. If works very similar: You drag and drop the encfs encoded folder onto the icon, the script asks for the passwords and mount the encfs volume. Dropping the folder onto the icon a second, it umounts the folder.

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Server Messages: Send mail when job has finished

If you ever used a commercial cloud computing service, you might know their nice monitoring services, which inform you when jobs are done.

If you run long running programs, scripts, or services on your own machine, you don’t want to have to look at them every few hours, days, or weeks to see if their done. I set up my server to send me an e-mail when certain jobs are have finished. Continue reading

Google Drive and Ubuntu

Since there is no linux version of the Google Drive software, I took my time today to look around for a (halfway) decent solution and found grive. Grive is easy to install and to use, but it does not synchronize your local folder and your Google Drive automatically. Continue reading

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