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Cursum Perficio: New Book „On Link Predictions in Complex Networks“ now available

After 3 years of writing and over one year of reviewing, defending, and editing my dissertation „On Link Predictions on Complex Networks with an Application to Ontologies and Semantics“ is now finished and available on different channels.

The original version is available at (open access).

The book version is available on Amazon and at other book stores.

For the Kindle version click here

For the print paperback: click here

Graph-Based, Supervised Machine Learning Approach to (Irregular) Polysemy in WordNet

This paper presents a supervised machine learning approach that aims at annotating those homograph word forms in WordNet that share some common meaning and can hence be thought of as belonging to a polysemous word. Weiterlesen

German Language Processing 4 Lucene: Implementation

In the following, the implementation of the German Language Processing 4 Lucene (glp3lucene: is described. An example of how to use the package can be found under the link above, and is described in more detail HERE.

Managing my Kindle Clippings

Well, since the „iTunes for the Kindle“ isn’t yet around (and who knows if it ever will be), I wrote a little tool to look though the clippings on my Kindle. And it doesn’t do more than that; it just displays your clippings. Weiterlesen

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