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Server Messages: Send mail when job has finished

If you ever used a commercial cloud computing service, you might know their nice monitoring services, which inform you when jobs are done.

If you run long running programs, scripts, or services on your own machine, you don’t want to have to look at them every few hours, days, or weeks to see if their done. I set up my server to send me an e-mail when certain jobs are have finished. Weiterlesen

Hide/unhide hidden files on MacOS helper apps

Since I sometimes need to access hidden files (those starting with a dot) on my mac or via my mac, I wrote these two little helper apps. One hides the hidden files in the Finder, the other unhides them. I put them in my Finder toolbar for easy access.



Download: Hide/

Basic network analysis in R (using igraph)

After extracting network files from WordNet and/or GermaNet, we look at analyzing the network structure. This can be done in different ways, using different software. Since The resulting graphs of WordNet and GermaNet are possibly very large, easy to use software such as Gephi or cytoscape (which are good for working with relatively small graphs and visualizing data) is not the option of choice. Weiterlesen

Google Drive and Ubuntu

Since there is no linux version of the Google Drive software, I took my time today to look around for a (halfway) decent solution and found grive. Grive is easy to install and to use, but it does not synchronize your local folder and your Google Drive automatically. Weiterlesen

GermaNet network extractor

I wrote this little tool to easily convert the GermaNet data set (xml-files) to a format that is readable by different network analysis software such as pajek, igraph, snap etc.
The tools takes the GermaNet XML-files and converts the content to either a node list („node node“), csv („node,edge,node“), a fanmod file (each node is represented by an integer: „int int“), or a pajek net-file. Weiterlesen

WordNet network extractor

This small piece of software generates csv-files containing all relations given in WordNet. The csv either consists of „node,relation,node“ or is a simple node list „node,node“.
The WordNet distribution can be downloaded from here. Weiterlesen

Managing my Kindle Clippings

Well, since the „iTunes for the Kindle“ isn’t yet around (and who knows if it ever will be), I wrote a little tool to look though the clippings on my Kindle. And it doesn’t do more than that; it just displays your clippings. Weiterlesen

the green mile -converting liter/100 km to mpg and vice versa

Since the prices of gas ar up through the roof (even in the usa) I find my self talking about the mpg and how many liters our cars a using. Since it is a tiresome task to convert those two, I wrote this little tool. Now I can talk to my parents in law about their Prius, and I actually understand what the heck they are talking about. Plus: Post your mileage on Facebook!

You can Download GreenMilesFB.apk here.

the dictator game

Well, thankfully dictators seem to become endangered species these days (I’m sure they don’t, but it seems as if they do). This card game for the android systems lets dictators, despots, and other bad guys fight each other in destructive categories.

Your playing against 3 computer players. Try to collect all cards to win the game.

This is a beta-release of Dictator Game for Android. I’m not sure if I will find the time to develop it any further, but maybe it’s still a fun game as it is.

connexor xml output to bracket tree structure and image

If you ever worked with connexor, you know how it encodes the dependency structure in xml. It’s a little tricky not to loose one self in it with all it’s links to other entities and words. Weiterlesen

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